Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter weekend

Well, as usual I got all excited about starting something new and then got bored fairly quickly. I suppose it is because I don't know how to make the blog look the way I want to without investing some time and my time is quite precious. I have a ton of other things that occupy my time and I often feel scattered trying to decide what to use the time doing and then I end up doing nothing but sitting here surfing and looking at the blogs of other, far more creative people and thinking of projects to do.

What I need to do is start making myself get down to business and create. One could literally spend hours/days/months looking at the wonderful creations of others and never get their own things done. Or even started.

The girls are wonderful. Just wonderful. Daily I feel guilt that I am not documenting every second of their lives before they move on to the next stage and the memory slips away. Already Chloƫ is becoming a little girl and all traces of baby are being erased. It makes me gleeful because she is becoming so much fun. But it also makes me sad. Is this only a mothers conundrum, or does Terry feel the same?