Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I did it. That was easy. :D

Now, how do I add stuff on the sides?

Sick babies....tis the time of year.

Interesting. Same time as last year, both girls have been sick on and off for weeks now. Hannah had the worst of it, having some bizarre hive outbreak for two full weeks before it ended in two days of fever. Chloƫ is home sick from school again today, which she doesn't seem too sad about.

As for me and my TODAYS, well, some are better than others in terms of focus and getting stuff done. My oh my, do I have attention problems. I start something and then find myself in another room doing something else. Sigh. I wonder if I could nail my feet to the floor until I finish what I'm doing? I've found using my timer (a la Flylady) works quite well. I set it for 15 minutes and something in my brain knows not to move from that task until the timer rings. Must do this more.

Thanks so much for those of you that commented on my Word of the Year post. It really meant quite a lot to me. More than you'd think. In fact, Jerries comment last night prompted me to get my butt in gear today and post. goal for TODAY is to spruce up this little blog. I think a new picture is in order, don't you? Now if only I could remember how I did that.....