Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where did that year go?

Ug. Really? A year. And I know exactly where it went and what I was doing and what I wasn't doing. Today I sit here feeling....odd. For lack of a better word to put to my feelings.

That feeling you get in grade ten when your boyfriend broke up with you the night before. But you have to wake up and go to school anyway. And likely see him in math class. Or out in the smoking area holding someones hand.

Except, I'm not in grade ten. And my life is pretty damn good right now. And unless I'm forgetting something massive that I had to do this week, there is really no reason for the feeling. But I've had the feeling a few times recently. And so...here I am again. Because this feels like something I need to do, that I haven't been doing.

So many things I need to do, for my soul, that I haven't been doing. Because I've been busy putting out fires. Or thinking about doing what I need to do instead of doing it.

Action. I need action. Today.

There, that feels better. See you tomorrow.