Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh my.

Well, it would seem that , like with most projects, this got tossed aside. Sigh. Two posts in one year. Is that a record? It has to be SOME sort of record.

I'm not even entirely sure WHY I don't post here. Lord knows I spend enough time on the computer. But then I surf around and get lost in all the eye candy and then feel inadequate when I even think of posting. Surely I can't have anything interesting to say. Right? But wait....I do. So why don't I?

The idea of my word for 2010 is floating around in my brain. My word for 2009 was COURAGE. And though I didn't do a whole lot with it physically (I didn't blog about it, I didn't buy a necklace with the word on it, didn't scrap it) it was with me all year. As I struggled to begin running, as I struggled to keep with it, as I let go of some unhealthy friendships, as I forged new ones, as I did my best to be patient and be a good mother. It all took courage.

But I'm super excited about my word for 2010. Cause it's going to take even more courage to work with and live with this one; TODAY. Oh boy is today a problem for me. I am the Queen of Procrastination. And if that wasn't bad enough I never live in the moment. I'm always thinking about the next thing; the next moment, the next chore, the next meal, the next day, the next....everything. And I lose precious moments that I should be embracing. Should be taking in with all my mind, all my attention.

And so....TODAY. Get it done today. Enjoy today. What can I do with THIS day? To make it a great day. Not just a day I muddle through and then promise myself at bedtime that tomorrow will be great. Tomorrow I will finish a project, clean that closet, read more books, get out the clay and let them make a mess. I want to spend 2010 doing it TODAY.



Leanne said...

YOU DID IT!!! Look how much you've accomplished TODAY already!!!!! You've selected your WORD for 2010, you've posted a WORDLE, AND you've BLOGGED ABOUT IT!!! I don't know you, yet, but I'm proud of you! Now . . . tell us more tomorrow!
; )
p.s. (Yes, I did a print screen of my wordle and then saved it as it's own jpg. I just played with the size until it fit in my blog.)

p.s.s. thanks for visiting my blog!

Peggy said...

YEA!!!! Congrats on your accomplishment today!! I wish you tons of luck with your word!! And when you come back to post tomorrow (which will then be your today), you can tell us how your today went (which will then be yesterday)!

Jerrie said...

What a great word...focusing on "today" is something that most people need to do more often. Good luck on that journey!

Jerrie said...
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