Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chugging along

I stayed up far too late last night and feel a bit like I'm swimming in sand this morning.

But my coffee is starting to do its work. And I'm listening to my beautiful, though sick with some gastro-bug, daughter talk to the television beside me and it's making me smile.

Since I'm going to be housebound for a good part of the day I'm going to buckle down and work on this;

Yep. This is the picture sorting I mentioned in my last post. I have been memorizing Stacey Julians book Photo Freedom for a couple of years now and slowing working on setting up my own Library of Memories. It's a long process and along the way I get lost. Last summer I sorted a mountain of pictures into bankers boxes, by decade.

I then began putting them into albums, where they will sit until I can either scrapbook them or slip them into normal 4x6 sleeves to put into my scrapbook albums along with layouts. Then.....six months passed and very little was done.

I'm back at it now.

I also have one follower here (yes, you!) and I've promised her I will give her something to read when she stops by. Which is keeping me motivated right now. If you can't commit to yourself, can you commit to someone else? Find that someone. And go for it!

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